Ningbo Blue Dragon Logistics Co.,Ltd.incorporated on April 7,2005 with a total investment of 11.4 million US dollars,involved in cargo warehousing ,container depot with repairing facilities, container transport,customs clearance, consolidation,import bonded warehouse,distribution business.

Ningbo Blue Dragon Logistics Co.,Ltd.is registered in Ningbo Economic and Technical Development Zone owning a piece of land of 146 mu(96360 sqm) which has been developed into a new dimensional rack storage of warehouse with 25,000 square meters,and with modern design allow for all weather cargo operations,plus 50000 square metres of container depot equipped with repairing facilities. Blue Dragon Logistics Company Limited,through Xun Da Warehouse & Transportation Company Limited in Beilun,has also owned 46 mu(32360 sqm) land at Beilun Development Zone Da Gang Industrial Area embracing of 5100 square meters of conventional warehouse and 20000 square meters of container depot. Moreover,Blue Dragon Logistics Company,Limited through Xun Cheng Logistics Company,Limited in Ningbo Free Trade Zone has owned 29 mu(19140 sqm) land embracing 9000 square meters bonded warehouse providing bonded cargo storage and distribution services. Blue Dragon Logistics is also supported by a truck fleet of 73 vehicles,Customs House Brokerage services and import/export cargo safety and quality inspection as part of integrated logistics service in Beilun.

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